Scheduling a Backup or Restore

Double Image provides its own easy interface to stage scheduled backup or restore tasks. The Double Image interface relies on the Windows Task Scheduler for actually running the tasks; much like any other task that is scheduled to run using the Windows Task Scheduler.

When creating a scheduled entry Double Image first learns if the 'Task Scheduler service' is started or not; and if not the user is informed of this and asked if the Windows Task Scheduler should be automatically started. Also, should it always automatically be Started?  'Automatic' Start is the Windows default.

Understanding What You Can Do with the Double Image Scheduler Setup
How to Schedule a Double Image Profile

Usually you will find that setting up a schedule task is very easy and can be done with just a few mouse clicks.

When the Double Image 'Schedule' icon is clicked, the Schedule window appears.


When the Scheduler window appears then click 'Add Profile to Schedule' icon. The Task, Application and Run command line will be created for you.


Schedule Dialog Window


Scheduler Tool bar Icons

Refresh the scheduler window Refresh the scheduler window

Add Profile for Backup Add current Profile for Backup

Add Profile for Restore Add current Profile for Restore

Add profile to schedule Choose a Profile from a file list and add to the schedule

Show the Scheduler's Log - History View the scheduler log and history

Delete a scheduled entry Delete a scheduled entry from the scheduler window


File menu

  • Add Profile...

  • Rename...

  • Properties   

  • Close

View Menu

  • Refresh

  • Hide Tool Bar

  • Show Scheduler Log

  • Show Task Column

  • Show Application Column

  • Show Schedule Column

Task Tab


The command line, consisting of the path to the Double Image executable, the variable to backup or restore followed by the path to the backup profile.


"C:\Program Files\Host Interface International\Double Image\Double Image.exe" -b "d:\profiles\BackupEFT_to_D.bu"

See a more detailed example

Start in

The working folder for the Double Image executable.


Your comments about this scheduled task; useful if other administrators will be maintaining the scheduled task.

Run as

The Computer and User that the scheduled Double Image task will run under, including the users security privileges. Note, that this user must be a member of the Administrator's group (for security reasons).

Set Password

For security reasons, the User, Password must be that of an Administrator user. You can enter the User and Password for the schedule task when you mouse OK or APPLY the 'time to run' values.

NOTE, the following selection option provides for not using a User, Password in the scheduler setup; however the task will only run when an Administrator is logged on at the time the task is triggered to run.

Run only if logged on

If you select this option, then Double Image can run from the task scheduler, provided that an Administrator user is logged on at the time the scheduled task is triggered to run.

Enabled (scheduled task runs at specified time)

If this option is de-selected, then the task is disabled and will not run.


Schedule Tab

Choose the date and times to run. Tasks can be recurring.

Schedule Task to run









Schedule Task to run







Schedule Task to run


System startup

At Logon




Schedule Task to run


When idle




Advanced Scheduling



'Duration' is the length of time to elapse before discontinuing the 'Repeat task'. Therefore, you could 'Repeat the task' Every 2 hours with the need to occur 3 times. Setting the 'Duration' to 7 hours would cause the task to run 3 times in one day and no more. The next day the cycle start over.

! 2  x 3 = 6, which is less than the duration period of 7, but not greater.


Settings Tab


Scheduled Task Completed

Idle Time

Power Management


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