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DOUBLE IMAGE® 7.0.50 backup software released to the backup and restore market


Cost-Effective Backup and Restore Software as a Powerful Solution to Reshape Storage Market, IT Budgets and End-Users Experience Alike


BATTLE GROUND, WA, September 7, 2015 - Host Interface International, today announces the availability of Double Image® 7.0.50 – a powerful all-in-one backup and restore software solution that is affordable, flexible and easy to use.  Double Image 7.0 software can be used across local or remote networks with access to Windows computers and non-Windows devices making an ideal backup solution for the home user; to the IT administrators; to the largest of companies requiring local or network backups.

Double Image backup runs on Windows 10®, Windows 8.1®, Windows 7®, Windows Vista®, Windows XP®, Windows 2012 Server®, Windows 2008 Server® and Windows 2003 Server®.  Both 32 bit and 64 bit systems are supported.

Double Image 7.0 provides an all in one solution for the administrator responsible for large networks; at a price that is affordable. System Administrators can backup using the straight forward user interface, command lines, or a combination of both.

"Double Image 7.0 is rock solid, what you expect from a first class product. Usage is simple and uncomplicated, the GUI is very intuitive. The overall program design is excellent, period.” Said Christian Burnat, Systems Consultant Sydney, NSW, Australia.

‘Incremental by timestamp’ backups are supported for Linux and other non-Windows devices including network storage NAS devices from Buffalo®, D-Link®, LaCie®, Iomega®, Seagate®, NETGEAR®, Dell®, Linksys®, HP®, Intel®, Western Digital®, IBM®, Hitachi®, Synology® and others.

Novice users find Double Image 7.0 easy to learn and use for a variety of backup/restore needs - 'full' backups or 'incremental' backups using a Windows Explorer style interface accomplished with a single mouse click or synchronization of folders or entire drives. Documentation is available at time of installation and also on the web.

Double Image 7.0 - Additional features and benefits include:

Flexible Storage Media
Double Image 7.0 can be used with any type of disk storage media – hard drives of all kinds, optical jukeboxes, and removable media, including, USB, CD, DVD including most NAS devices.

Non-proprietary I-O
Double Image 7.0 uses non-proprietary I-O to and from all drives.

Backup and Restore Profiles
An easy-to-use interface displays multiple backup and restore options from which the user selects multiple sources consisting of multiple drives, folders and files.

Command Line Options
Double Image 7.0 can be run using a full command line set of variables giving the user the capability of running without the user interface.

Multi-Threading Capabilities - Double Image 7.0 employs multiple threads of the user interface, copy engine, logs, log searches, reporting and scheduling.

Log Interface
Detail or summary logs are unique for each profile. Log events can have combination entry searches, show in unique colors and can be quickly sorted by Date & Time, Event Type, Event, Source File, etc.

Report output can be directed to any of the following formats: LOG, TEXT file or HTML file.

A history window shows information about previous backup or restore sessions, with reference to the profiles used.

Window Viewing Features
 Logs, Schedules, History and Reports all have a particularly nice feature giving the user the ability to: *Sort any or all Columns, *Column Drag Off/Add On, *Show line entry details, *Copy and Paste entries to Text, Spreadsheets or HTML.


Double Image® 7.0 is now available with retail pricing at $49.00 (US pricing) and available at